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Prepare And Pray

A vital part of any well rounded education will include emergency preparedness. This extensive, yet practical hands-on course will equip the participants to be ready to face whatever the future brings, while always acknowledging the True Source of our well being: God Himself! A 36 week literary unit study designed for the whole family, toddler through resident Grandma and ...

Blessed Assurance

While continuing to build upon the excellent family teamwork skills learned in Prepare and Pray! these ALL NEW PROJECTS AND ACTIVITIES prepare your children to make prudent independent decisions when required to stand alone. A full year of ADVENTURE designed to be used in urban or remote environments by families with children of all ages and both genders. Another life cha ...

Seminars & Articles



We like to talk about things that we perceive to be issues close to Abba's heart for His children. These change from season to season, as He moves upon...

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