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Prepare And Pray!

A vital part of any well rounded education will include emergency preparedness. This extensive, yet practical hands-on course will equip the participants to be ready to face whatever the future brings, while always acknowledging the True Source of our well being: God Himself!

A 36 week literary unit study designed for the whole family, toddler through resident Grandma and teaches a confident, positive approach to impending difficulties using simple resources and family teamwork. Fear is not the object of this study, but it is our desire to stimulate a watchful, prudent attitude which will equip children and parents to develop untapped abilities, press through physical limitations, and respond reasonably and scripturally to threatening situations and the challenges of end-times living.

Learn outdoorsmanship, survival skills, and sustainable living skills from a practical academic course for all ages 3-103!

Based on the Swiss Family Robinson , a classic novel for children written by Johann (David) Wyss, a radical believer who used every available opportunity in the story to emphasize character training and true godliness. The written original version has little or nothing in common with the Disney version. There are no pirate battles, squabbles over a flirtatious young lady, or allowances for laziness. The curriculum was originally developed in 1997, has been widely and successfully distributed, with endorsements from many homeschooling veterans, experts, and publications. It was never intended as a "y2k" curriculum, as we have clearly and repeatedly stated that judgment upon the ungodliness of our nation could clearly take many unpredictable forms. So we cover a variety of scenarios, including natural disasters, economic downturns, terrorism, plague, etc. It is a miracle, but we have managed to develop a curriculum preparing for these events that children and families consider fun! Your child's life may depend on skills he learns while having fun.

How does Prepare and Pray! compare with other unit studies?

Simply put, it was developed by a large, frugal veteran homeschooling family and is designed to save time, money, and a mother's energy. We have raised, and are continuing to raise, 9 children (so far-and one out of the nest, with a wife and our first grandbaby!) and over the last several years we have taken on projects like building our own log home, raising a huge garden and livestock, living without electricity experimentally, developing a nonelectric gravity pressurized well system, and many other experimental sustainable living preparedness projects. We are researching these things to save you time and effort in a crisis. We pass on our successes, not untried ideas or mistakes. Prepare and Pray! is designed to be useful in a missionary hut, an urban homestead with container gardens on the patio, a travel trailer, or a cabin in the wilderness. It is flexible because we have done all these things and made it work and you can too. You will not find cutesy paper plate puppet projects; instead science will be studied by gardening, health by growing herbs and making tinctures or learning wilderness first aid; art is learned by basic knitting and sewing skills, basket making, journaling and identifying wild edibles. History consists of stories of great movements, martyrs, and true heroes. Other programs encourage children to memorize Scripture verses. This is DISASTROUS in our opinion. Even the enemy is skillful in manipulating isolated out of context verses. Chapters, whole passages need to be memorized to avoid deception. We show you how to do this in a rhythmic pattern you can't forget! Children thrive with the thrill of real valuable accomplishment, and are empowered to face the future optimistically.

What books will I need to do Prepare and Pray?

You will need our manual, a good copy of Swiss Family Robinson (we recommend the one soon available from our site or contact us to see if you have one that is compatible. Unfortunately modern editing has removed much Godly content from modern prints). Then you will need a Reader's Digest Back to Basics and a recent edition of a Boy Scout Manual, and of course a good Bible version. For memory in poetic rhythms we prefer the KJV. There are many other suggested books you will want to read over the year, but these can be obtained from your bookshelf or public library. We try very hard to make this able to be done without access to an extensive library. In actuality, you will be spending far more time doing real things than reading with our approach.

Is Prepare and Pray! a denominational curriculum?

Prepare and Pray! has many discussion questions and writing assignments where your young people are encouraged to defend their own doctrinal position on relevant issues. The questions are challenging and open ended. It is our goal and yours to teach them HOW to think scripturally, rather than cramming unchallenged traditions of men into their young minds, even from a "conservative" perspective. We do reflect some of our Hebraic bias in this curriculum, but our goal is to have Prepare and Pray! be used by the largest number who would be blessed by its content. We are Hebraic-friendly unlike much of what is available in Christian homeschooling materials. You will not find Christmas projects, graven image projects, the Olympics, or pork recipes here. Prepare and Pray! is about preparedness and family teamwork for the WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST.

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